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  • Because I need a separate Tumblr just for all things Beatles.

    -What do you miss the most about George? 
    “His humour, his friendship… his love.”
    George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011)

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    George’s “fuckin’ turban.”

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    That’s the incredible side of George.

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    i loved this part :)

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    I was 15, and then I had a little run in with some policemen, and he told the policemen to fuck off. [laughs] That was when I realized he was actually cool and on my side, and not just a scary dad. He was very very close to me after that. We’d kind of run off down the garden and hide. Don’t tell your mum kind of stuff.

    Dhani Harrison on George Harrison from Living In The Material World (via maulpccartney)

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    Interviewer: What do you miss most about George?

    Paul: His humour. His friendship, and erm……. his love.

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    Pattie Boyd and Ronnie Wood at ‘Living In The Material World’ U.K. Red Carpet


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    This is killing me…

    I STILL haven’t been able to watch Living in the Material World because (a) I’m sooooo busy/my friend wants to watch it with me and (b) I haven’t been able to get a non-torrent link to the full movie (but you can find the first part on YouTube! …for now)

    And  the George Harrison Exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Downtown L.A. just opened today…Can’t wait to drag my friends to go with me…perhaps multiple times hehehe ;) I’m slowly converting them into Beatles/George fans haha.

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